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Mudieb Haddad Group Overview

Eagle Distilleries is the largest producer of domestic spirits, wines, industrial alcohol and dry ice in Jordan. (www.eagledis.com)

Yousef M. Haddad Co. is the largest specialized distributor of domestic and imported alcoholic beverages in Jordan.

Jordan Potato & Corn Chips Company is the largest Jordanian manufacturer for corn, potato, and wheat snacks (Mr. Chips).

Haddad & Sons Co. is the leader in the Jordanian market in the production and distribution of toiletries, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies; it manufactures under license for Colgate-Palmolive and Mennen.

Manufacturer of plastic bottles (HDPE, PVC), caps and plastic sticks for cotton swabs.

Over 3,000 hectare of farm land, where potatoes, grapes, olives and other fruits and vegetables are cultivated.

Carakale Brewery is a Jordanian microbrewery founded in 2010 in the town of Fuheis near Amman by Yazan Karadsheh The brewery is named after Caracal, a mammal that is native to Jordan

Yousef M. Haddad & Partners Overview

Yousef M. Haddad Co. was established in 1973 as the sole distributor and agent for its mother company, Eagle Distilleries. In later years it also added imported products to its portfolio.

Directly reaching the entire universe of points of sale selling alcoholic beverages covering both Domestic market, Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Border Shops and diplomatic Missions.

Five warehouses in Jordan: two in the nation’s capital of Amman, and one in each of the following major cities of Zarka, Irbid, and Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

Yousef M. Haddad & Partners Overview

Haddad Plaza is a modern 4-store
complex, located in the heart of Amman.


The building host all the departments from warehouse, logistic, marketing, sales and management.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

48000 +


YHC to be recognized as the leading marketing and distribution beverage company focused on commercial excellence, professionalism and customer satisfaction.


YHC’s portfolio is a collection of spirits, beer, fine wines from around the globe. Our objective is to work closely with our suppliers to keep our efforts focused and to provide attention to the needs of all of our brands. We continually look to develop new and innovative products with our existing and future partners to fulfill the ever-changing beverage industry and consumers' tastes.


YHC is dedicated to open long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers. We build and maintain brands by providing added value through unique solutions and superior in-market execution of our sales and marketing programs.

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