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Masi links its company mission to the heritage of native grapes available and the strict connection between these grapes and certain traditional production techniques, making top level wines only, modern in style but linked to tradition. Principally these are the techniques of appassimento (grape drying) and double fermentation, which produce majestic wines, unique in style, such as Amarone

Masi Labels

  • Masi Modello delle Venezie Bianco
    Attractive straw yellow colour with golden reflections. Inviting bouquet: fresh and both floral and fruity at the same time with peach and pear aromas. Very refreshing and attractive on the palate thanks to excellent supporting acidity. Good structure on
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  • Masi Modello delle Venezie Rosso
    Bright ruby red colour. Attractive bouquet thanks to interesting complexity that mixes fruitiness with spices such as cinnamon and vanilla. Simple but rich on the palate; attractive plum and bilberry tastes well integrated with soft tannins and supporting
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  • Masi Modello delle Venezie Rosato
    Typically intense bright rosé colour with strong purple and violet tinges. Intriguing violet and strawberry aromas with delicate touches of lemon. Very fresh and attractive on the palate with good acidity and fruitiness; intense strawberry flavours give a
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  • Masi Soave Classico Levarie DOC
    Pale straw yellow with green reflections. Typical pear and lemon peel aromas on the nose. Refreshing and easy to drink with rich fruitiness on the mid-palate, where the pear flavours come through and are mixed with pineapple and apricot, too. Delicate fin
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  • Masi Bardolino Classico Frescaripa DOC
    Bright ruby red with intensely-coloured violet edges. Fresh violets and bitter cherries on the nose with clear vegetal hints marked with black pepper. Fresh and attractive palate with stand-out acidity and tastes of cherries and blackcurrants.
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  • Masi Masianco - Pinot Grigio & Verduzzo
    Strong straw yellow colour. Original and attractive bouquet with tropical fruit aromas. Fresh and easy on the front palate, becoming weightier and fuller bodied on the mid palate where fruitiness blends with flavours reminiscent of honey and boiled sweets
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  • Masi Valpolicella Classico Bonacosta DOC
    Medium intensity cherry red with edges still youthful. Intense cherry aromas on the nose, very inviting and attractive combined with hints of violets. Instantly noticeable freshness on the palate, with good supporting acidity and excellent balance marked
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  • Masi Capofiorin
    Deep bright red colour with purple edges. Ripe, fresh fruit and raisined fruit equally prominent on the nose combined with sweet spices, especially vanilla and cinnamon. Ample and complex on the palate, but well rounded and very easy to drink at the same
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  • Masi Amarone Classico Costasera DOC
    Deep opaque red with violet tinged edges. Rich, powerful bouquet with aromas of baked fruit, cooked with herbs and spices. The alcohol content plays its usual role in cutting the sweetness on the palate. Cherry fruit preserve and cinnamon are the major co
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  • Masi Amarone Classico Campolongo Torbe
    Deep ruby red colour. Intense bouquet, well balanced and very complex, with aromas of baked fruit and cinnamon. Very rich, satisfying and well rounded on the palate. Flavours of cherries in spirit and fruits of the forest with a follow-through of cinnamo
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  • Masi Amarone Classico Costasera Riserva
    Deep, opaque ruby red with bright edges. The nose has aromas of plums and cooked cherries accompanied by hints of roast coffee bean. Powerful and extremely generous on the palate, and smooth at the same time. Cherries in spirit and plain chocolate stand o
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