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Luce della Vite

Lamberto Frescobaldi, distinguished for his passion for wine and his talented hand as a winemaker, today has the responsibility of shaping the future of the wine project originally undertaken by the founders of the Luce della Vite estate. His primary mission is the upgrading of the estate’s vineyards and the improvement of the winemaking facilities, plus research projects focusing on numerous experimental vineyards. No one was better equipped than he to bring new energy to the project that was launched in 1995, fruit of the dreams and determination of two leading figures in 20th century winemaking, Lamberto’s father Vittorio Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi. Today the wine estate is part of the Tenute di Toscana holding company, which in turn is controlled by Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi.

Located in the viticultural zone of Montalcino, southwest of this medieval town, the Luce della Vite estate comprises 192 hectares, with approximately 55 under vine. A portion of the vineyards was planted in 1977, while most of the vineyards were planted/replanted from 1997 on with an average density of 6,100 plants per hectare.
At elevations ranging from 350 to 420 metres, the estate is one of Montalcino’s highest. At the higher elevations the soils are rich in galestro, a schistous sandstone and limestone mixture, with well-drained, nutrient-poor soils ideal for the cultivation of Sangiovese. At the lower altitudes, the soils are richer in clay, perfect for Merlot. The long, sun-drenched summers typical of this area and the altitudes and southern exposure of estate’s vineyards allow for a slow, complete ripening of the grapes, which in turn yields wines of impressive concentration and power. The cool, ventilated nights, help to preserve the grapes’ aromatic complexities

Luce della Vite Labels

  • Lucente
    Lucente releases rich impressions of fruit, with clear notes of blackcurrant and blueberry, as well as dried plum and wild cherry, nicely complemented by spicy nuances of liquorice and cinnamon, and a subtle touch of chocolate.
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  • Luce
    Subtle suggestions of toasty oak appear first on the nose, over fragrant notes of blueberry and blackberry that seem to infuse the background; next to emerge is a complex of floral and mint nuances, followed by smooth impressions of vanilla and cinnamon.
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  • Luce Brunello di Montalcino
    Rich aromas of blueberry, currant, blackberry, and sour cherry mingle nicely with a hint of violet and spicier notes of cardamom, star anise, tobacco, and liquorice. Impressions of coffee, cocoa, and minerals complete the bouquet. The entry on the palate
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