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The Gaja family settled in the Piedmont region in northwest Italy in the mid-seventeenth century. Five generations of Gajas have been producing wines in Piedmont’s Langhe hills since 1859, the year Giovanni Gaja, a local grape grower, founded the Gaja Winery in Barbaresco.
Giovanni’s son, Angelo (grandfather of today’s Angelo Gaja), was blessed with ambition and vision. Clotilde Rey, whom he married in 1905, inspired him to establish the tradition to which the Gajas have adhered ever since - total dedication to uncompromising quality.
Angelo and Clotilde’s son, Giovanni, continued to follow the high standards his parents had set, producing Barbarescos that were renowned throughout Italy. Thanks to his Barbaresco, the winery’s flagship, Gaja wines achieved a leadership position in Italy. Giovanni increased vineyard holdings, acquiring Sorì Tildìn, Costa Russi, Sorì San Lorenzo and Darmagi, thereby permitting the Gaja family to produce wines of the highest quality exclusively from its own vineyards.
Giovanni’s son, Angelo, joined the Winery in 1961 and combined his respect for the traditions of the Langhe with bold innovations in the vineyards and the cellars. He also introduced Gaja wines to foreign markets.
Angelo lives in Barbaresco with his wife Lucia and their three children, Gaia, Rossana, and Giovanni who represent the fifth generation.
His wife, Lucia, is working side by side together with Gaia and Rossana.
Today, the Gaja Winery owns 250 acres of vineyards in the Barbaresco district (Barbaresco and Treiso) and the Barolo district (Serralunga d’Alba and La Morra).

In 1994, the Gajas acquired their first wine estate in Tuscany, Pieve Santa Restituta in Montalcino. The property’s 67 acres of vineyards produce three Brunello di Montalcino wines: Brunello di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino Sugarille and Brunello di Montalcino Rennina.
In 1996, the Gaja family purchased a second property in Tuscany, Ca’ Marcanda, located in the Bolgheri district in the commune of Castagneto Carducci. New plantings of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Sangiovese cover 250 acres. The wines produced at Ca’ Marcanda are Promis, Magari and Camarcanda. The 2000 vintage is the first release of each of these wines.

Guido Rivella is the winemaker for all three estates: Gaja, Pieve Santa Restituta and Ca’ Marcanda.

Gaja Labels

  • Gaja Rossj Bass
    Fine perfume of citrus fruits and flowers, with a hint of honey; considerable depth. Very elegant body, definite character and good acidity; a fresh, lingering finish.
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