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The history of Attems in Friuli has ancient origins. Numerous historical testimonies fully document its presence in the territory, its network of commercial, social and political connections at the highest level and its profound interest in wine production.
The estate covers 79 hectares of terraced slopes to the west of Gorizia. The slopes face the south and thus are protected from both the cold winds from the north and the “bora” blowing from Trieste. The terroir offers a particularly suitable substrate for viticulture. Already at the end of the 19th century, it allowed Friuli Venezia Giulia to be one of the first Italian wine regions in which, in addition to its native grapes (Ribolla Gialla, Friuliano), other noble varieties were introduced, like Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Merlot. At Attems, the vineyards are located very close to the sea, less than 15 kilometres from the Adriatic coast. The refraction of sunlight off the Gulf of Trieste gives the Collio an intense light. This generous luminosity ensures optimal ripening of the fruit. This light, together with the notable temperature changes between day and night, create a climate ideal for the production of excellent white wines.

Attems Labels

  • Attems Pinot Grigio
    Fairly deep straw yellow in appearance.The bouquet releases notes of well-ripened fruit, such as peach and banana, appealingly complemented by rich floral nuances. The attack is immediately alluring, velvet smooth, and the wine expands steadily on the pal
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  • Attems Chardonnay
    A strikingly luminous, deep straw yellowThe bouquet develops slowly, releasing initial impressions of banana and apricot, which give way to crisp pineapple and fragrant spring blossoms. The attack on the palate is velvet smooth and seductive, displaying a
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  • Attems Sauvignon
    Attems Sauvignon Blanc is a brilliant straw yellow in appearance. Appealing varietal aromas emerge on the nose, leading with a subtle herbaceousness that yields to notes of apple at the close.The wine enters on the palate with great energy, displaying a p
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  • Attems Merlot
    A lively, purple-flecked red greets the eye. The bouquet releases a rich medley of fragrances, first herbaceous impressions such as aromatic herbs, then aromas of ripe fruit, everything in masterful balance. On the palate, it is delicious and savoury righ
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