It’s one of those gatherings where you’ll find artists and active social media users under one roof talking about art and the big role it played in the alcohol advertisement business.

When it comes to art and Vodka no one can reflect a perfect image the way SKYY Vodka has along the years. Since the 90’s, SKYY vodka has been associated with big names in the art/photography industry to represent it in an outstanding and creative way.

Some of those names are Matthew Rolston, James White, and David LaChapelle.

YHC decided to link some talented Jordanian artists to be part of this event which we named SKYY Got Artists, to learn about this active side.

the point of this event was to explain and talk about SKYY’S identity, and all the great ads and campaigns they’d worked on to present their brand as a modern, bold, Courageous, savvy, and Sophisticated vodka brand.

We welcomed eight artists and five active social media users. Each artist received an empty bottle of SKYY Vodka to design and reflect his/her identity on the bottle.

While all social media users were tweeting and posting photos online, all the artists were busy linking SKYY vodka to their daily lives. All the participants were really impressed with SKYY’s achievements along the way.